And the Winners Are….

Congratulations to the following 10th Anniversary Winners! We received entries from across the nation and beloved stories about all kinds of pets.  The judging panel had a very tough job indeed!  Each winner will receive an  iPad with a matching shelter donation made to the ASPCA or a local shelter of their choice.  To view the winning entries visit and register to receive more news about each story and shelter donations AND more contests. On behalf of, your pets and the pets you will help, thanks to all winners and all entrants for sharing your special holiday moments. 10th Anniversary Contest Winners:

“Every Day Is Christmas,” Karen Miller, New York , New York

“Annie, A Special Kind of Cat,” Shane Free, Los Angeles, California

Sandy Made Our House A Home,” Joelle Bergau, Fort Meyers, Florida

Belle the Wiley Cat,” Taylor Kearns, Columbia South Carolina

“Cats Bring Holiday Joy,” Joe Canning, Greenville, Indiana

“A Special Christmas Pair,” Stacy Mantle, Queen Creek, Arizona

“Mindy in the Snow & Presents Galore,” Jenny Myer, Montgomery, Alabama

“Pumpkin, the Shy NYC Shelter Cat,” Jennifer Goddard, New York, New York

“A Christmas Pet Tradition,” Tanja Berkhouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Jack and His First Christmas Snow,” Chance Harris, Richardson, Texas

9 Responses

  1. WOO HOO!
    Thanks so VERY much, Lea-Ann! We couldn’t be more pleased – I’ve ALWAYS wanted an iPad and I cannot wait to try our new one out!

    The donation will be wonderful for the group that sponsored this year’s round of fosters (we have three being bottlefed as I speak)! They’ll be SO excited!

    Thanks again – my pack and I are VERY excited!

    • You are very welcome. On behalf of our team at congratulations again. You are doing wonderful work and we enjoyed your story.

  2. JaJa and I are so honored to be a winner in ‘s animal-loving and generous 10th Anniversary contest!

    We hope 2001 is the absolutely best year for your wonderful site and all animals and their caregivers.

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and thanks so very much for making the beginning of our new year so special.
    Karen & JaJa

    • Thanks Karen I hope you and all your Facebook friends enjoy the site!

  3. Dear Lea-Ann,
    Thank you so much for being chosen as a winner in the 10th Anniversary of,I am very honered and happy.It was nice talking to you on the phone.Thank you so much.
    best wishes from Tanja and my pets(to many to name them all,lol)

  4. What a terrific and truly generous way to celebrate your 10th Anniversary, and reward pets and their people, needy animals and their care-givers and rescue organizations! Goodnewsforpets has reached out and touched people, deserving animals and pet dedicated organizations large and small across the country and brought them together. Growing up the ASPCA was the very first organization our family ever turned to when our pets were in need of critical care, and they were always extremely responsive and compassionate. They saved our dogs life when he chased a ball and ran off a cliff back in the 70’s, consoled us when our
    hamster suffered respiratory failure. We never knew of anywhere else to turn back then and when we found abandoned, injured animals or strays they were always there to turn to for help.

    Ms. Germinder you and your staff have contributed greatly to the cause for all companion animals, pet awareness, health and education etc, on all levels during the past decade. Please accept our families gift of genuine gratitude!

    The contest judges obviously had a really tough job with so many deserving contestants, and no doubt sacrificed a good portion of their holiday season for the cause. They did a great job!

    Everyone who cares for and loves their pets and animals in need is a winner.

    • On behalf our team, we thank you. We hope everyone gets a chance to read the stories. We’ll be doing a Top 10 countdown shortly to highlight the different donations that are being made.

  5. What a fantastic New Years surprise!! Thank you so much for picking our video as a winning entry for your 10th Anniversary celebration.

    Congratulations on 10 years and wishing you much success in the future.

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