NAVC and Puppy Love

I called my oldest son from Orlando on Friday to wish him a Happy Birthday and see if he got his birthday present — an assortment of doggie aparatus for his brand-new puppy. 

 The timing brought back memories.  He was twelve years old when I first started coming to the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC), which starts today.  I was launching “Pets Need Dental, Care Too!” campaign for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the AVMA and the AVDS and there was no way I could/would miss his birthday.  So that year my three children, husband and mom joined me in Orlando.  

I’m still in the animal health business and have made many great friends in this wonderful profession.  The dental campaign still goes on.  And my son, he’s a grown man with a wife and now a puppy (so far!)

Speaking of puppies, there’s one puppy attendees will fall in love with at NAVC.  There’s already buzz about Ceva, the Future Leader Dog.  She’s an adorable black Labrador puppy and she’s set to train as a guide dog with Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Ceva Animal Health is sponsoring her, and if you are attending NAVC, be sure to stop by Ceva’s booth #513 at the Gaylord for a photo with her. 

NAVC is always a  good show and I am looking forward to the trade show today.  And a bit of loving that puppy.

3 Responses

  1. what a beauty Ceva is.!!!and what a great project!!

    NAVC is such a great show …wish i were there again
    meeting old friends & seeing all the newest trends/advances

  2. Your blog comments brought back my own fond memories of attending the trade shows through over 30 years. Whenever attending, it makes you realize that you are an intrinsic part of something so much bigger.

    Sorry I missed the show this year!

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